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TUBMAN TALES: Young Fred Bailey Gets His First Taste of Freedom

    My latest writing project is something I'm calling "Tubman Tales," though it focuses on more than just Harriet Tubman. Case in point: This chapter is about the life of a young slave in Talbot County named Fred Bailey, who is better known in the history books as the famous anti-slavery orator Frederick Douglass. Running Free at Holme Hill Young Fred Bailey got his first…
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TUBMAN TALES: Young Harriet Goes Down to the Crossroads

    BIG PICTURE: God Works in Mysterious Ways This is the truism that will likely end up first and foremost in your mind on a visit to the little Bucktown Village Store, which stands at the countryside crossroads of Greenbrier, Bucktown, and Bestpitch Ferry roads in Dorchester County--near the farm where  young Harriet Tubman lived back in the 1830s. Have you heard the legend about the…
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TUBMAN TRAVELS: The Famed Christmas Escape of 1854

    The story of "The Christmas Escape" is one of the most important and moving of Harriet Tubman's time working as a conductor along the Underground Railroad. In my Tubman Travels book, I tell that story in three stand-alone chapters. Below is the third of those chapters--the one that culminates come Christmas Eve 1854 at a slave cabin that stood on Poplar Neck, a…