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TUBMAN TRAVELS Table of Contents

By September 11, 2017January 5th, 20182 Comments

Tubman Travels Book CoverHere is the Table of Contents for Tubman Travels: 32 Underground Railroad Journeys on Delmarva:

1 … Modesty on the Choptank (Cambridge, Maryland)
2 … Flight from the Auction Block (Cambridge, Maryland)
3 … SIDE TRIP: The Harriet Tubman Museum and Educational Center (Cambridge, Maryland)
4 … Welcome to the World, Araminta (Dorchester County, Maryland)
5 … ‘The Good Old Ship of Zion’: The Christmas Escape, Part 1 (Dorchester County, Maryland)
6 … ‘I Prayed All de Time’: Harriet’s Escape, Part 1 (Dorchester County, Maryland)
7 … Love Stories at Buttons Creek: The Christmas Escape, Part 2 (Dorchester County, Maryland)
8 … The View North at the Harriet Tubman Visitors Center (Dorchester County, Maryland)
9 … ‘The Lord Giveth, and the Lord Taketh Away’ (Dorchester County, Maryland)
10 … Young Harriet Goes Down to the Crossroads (Bucktown, Maryland)
11 … The Price of Freedom (East New Market, Maryland)
12 … Sailing South to Freedom (Seaford, Delaware)
13 … SIDELIGHT: The View Down Below (Seaford, Delaware)
14 … A Mother’s Love Is a Mysterious Thing: The Christmas Escape, Part 3 (Poplar Neck/Choptank, Maryland)
15 … Saving Mom and Dad (Poplar Neck/Choptank, Maryland)
16 … Side Trip: The Webb Cabin (Preston/Harmony, Maryland)
17 … The Other Moses (Denton, Maryland)
18 … ‘I’m Sorry I’m Gwine to Lebe You’: Harriet’s Escape, Part 2 (Greensboro, Maryland)
19 … The Birth of Freedom (Tuckahoe River, Maryland)
20 … The Fight of His Life (St. Michaels/Wittman, Maryland)
21 … A Long and Desperate Walk in Chains (St. Michaels/Easton, Maryland)
22 … Frederick Douglass Comes Back Home (St. Michaels/Easton, Maryland)
23 … SIDE TRIP: The Oxford Waterfront (Oxford, Maryland)
24 … An Unlikely Appeal for Mercy (Centreville, Maryland)
25 … The Other Harriet’s Wild Ride for Freedom (Chestertown, Maryland)
26 … ‘We All Knelt Down on the Snow-Covered Ground’ (Galena, Maryland)
27 … Love Comes in a Box (Chesapeake City/Delaware City, Maryland)
28 … Fred Bailey Finally Finds His Way to Freedom (Havre de Grace, Maryland)
29 … The Flight of the Dover Eight (Dover, Delaware)
30 … The Flight of Sam And Emeline Hawkins (Middletown/New Castle, Delaware)
31 … SIDE TRIPS: Quaker Graveyards (Odessa/Camden/Wilmington, Delaware)
32 … ‘Glory to God! One More Soul Got Safe!’ (Wilmington, Delaware)


  • Joseph M. Colquitt says:

    Is there anyone in the index whose names are William and Eliza Plummer? I have been trying to do research on my mother’s side o the family of whom traveled from Maryland to Canada during the 1800’s.

    • Mr. Colquitt, I am sorry to say that these names did not turn up in my research on this book. I wish you Godspeed and good luck in your search for information on them, but alas, I do not believe that I have any material that might be of assistance.

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