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TUBMAN TRAVELS Table of Contents

By September 11, 2017January 5th, 20184 Comments

Tubman Travels Book CoverHere is the Table of Contents for Tubman Travels: 32 Underground Railroad Journeys on Delmarva:

1 … Modesty on the Choptank (Cambridge, Maryland)
2 … Flight from the Auction Block (Cambridge, Maryland)
3 … SIDE TRIP: The Harriet Tubman Museum and Educational Center (Cambridge, Maryland)
4 … Welcome to the World, Araminta (Dorchester County, Maryland)
5 … ‘The Good Old Ship of Zion’: The Christmas Escape, Part 1 (Dorchester County, Maryland)
6 … ‘I Prayed All de Time’: Harriet’s Escape, Part 1 (Dorchester County, Maryland)
7 … Love Stories at Buttons Creek: The Christmas Escape, Part 2 (Dorchester County, Maryland)
8 … The View North at the Harriet Tubman Visitors Center (Dorchester County, Maryland)
9 … ‘The Lord Giveth, and the Lord Taketh Away’ (Dorchester County, Maryland)
10 … Young Harriet Goes Down to the Crossroads (Bucktown, Maryland)
11 … The Price of Freedom (East New Market, Maryland)
12 … Sailing South to Freedom (Seaford, Delaware)
13 … SIDELIGHT: The View Down Below (Seaford, Delaware)
14 … A Mother’s Love Is a Mysterious Thing: The Christmas Escape, Part 3 (Poplar Neck/Choptank, Maryland)
15 … Saving Mom and Dad (Poplar Neck/Choptank, Maryland)
16 … Side Trip: The Webb Cabin (Preston/Harmony, Maryland)
17 … The Other Moses (Denton, Maryland)
18 … ‘I’m Sorry I’m Gwine to Lebe You’: Harriet’s Escape, Part 2 (Greensboro, Maryland)
19 … The Birth of Freedom (Tuckahoe River, Maryland)
20 … The Fight of His Life (St. Michaels/Wittman, Maryland)
21 … A Long and Desperate Walk in Chains (St. Michaels/Easton, Maryland)
22 … Frederick Douglass Comes Back Home (St. Michaels/Easton, Maryland)
23 … SIDE TRIP: The Oxford Waterfront (Oxford, Maryland)
24 … An Unlikely Appeal for Mercy (Centreville, Maryland)
25 … The Other Harriet’s Wild Ride for Freedom (Chestertown, Maryland)
26 … ‘We All Knelt Down on the Snow-Covered Ground’ (Galena, Maryland)
27 … Love Comes in a Box (Chesapeake City/Delaware City, Maryland)
28 … Fred Bailey Finally Finds His Way to Freedom (Havre de Grace, Maryland)
29 … The Flight of the Dover Eight (Dover, Delaware)
30 … The Flight of Sam And Emeline Hawkins (Middletown/New Castle, Delaware)
31 … SIDE TRIPS: Quaker Graveyards (Odessa/Camden/Wilmington, Delaware)
32 … ‘Glory to God! One More Soul Got Safe!’ (Wilmington, Delaware)


  • Joseph M. Colquitt says:

    Is there anyone in the index whose names are William and Eliza Plummer? I have been trying to do research on my mother’s side o the family of whom traveled from Maryland to Canada during the 1800’s.

    • Mr. Colquitt, I am sorry to say that these names did not turn up in my research on this book. I wish you Godspeed and good luck in your search for information on them, but alas, I do not believe that I have any material that might be of assistance.

  • Mary Graham says:

    We live on seaside near Metomokin Island. We have a “ guest house” that has a “hidden “ cellar. I often think it could well have served as a hiding place for runaway slaves. But I do not see any references to a Virginia past way for salves?
    Mary Graham

    • Mary Graham–fascinating! I’m sorry to report that I do not know of any source that might help you uncover the secrets of that “hidden” cellar. In my experience, the things experienced and routes taken by folks trying to escape from that area is not well documented. Perhaps discoveries still await off in the future. We can hope, anyway …

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