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The Day an Elephant Marched Through the Marshlands of Saxis

Over the centuries, several enterprising characters have tried to turn remote little Saxis on the Eastern Shore of Virginia side of Pocomoke Sound into a tourist destination. One such dreamer was Lloyd Drewer. Back in the early years of the 20th century, he built bathing houses, organized fishing trips, and sponsored various fairs and festivals. His most memorable exploit dates to the late 1930s, when he…
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How This Amazing Old House in Chincoteague Beat the Odds and Came Back to Life

  Why is it that one building manages to survive for centuries while all the others built at about the same time fall victim to the ravages of time? One of the experts who has spent some time with what is believed to be the oldest house in Chincoteague—it’s still standing after 200-plus years—chalked its survival up to a magical mix of being “well built, unusual,…
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Tracing the History of the Famous Pony-Penning Party in Chincoteague

    Before I did a little research, I assumed that the Chincoteague’s big annual pony-penning festival became a big deal only after 1947, the year Marguerite Henry published “Misty of Chincoteague.” That story, of course, became a children’s classic and then a Hollywood movie. But it turns out that the story of pony-penning day actually dates back centuries, not decades. Local historians say that…
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Fireworks & More: Fourth of July Festivities on the Delmarva Peninsula 2019

Happy Independence Day! Below here is your handy-dandy Secrets of the Eastern Shore roundup of some of the best festivities coming up around the Fourth of July holiday. Above here is a shot of the fireworks as seen from the waterfront in Cambridge by Jill Jasuta Photography. TUESDAY, JULY 2 • Queen Annes County fireworks in Chester, Md. Details. WEDNESDAY, JULY 3 • The fun…
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The Tunes of June

Is this the Shore's most musical month? Two high-flying national music festivals, Firefly for rock and Big Barrel for country. Two classical festivals bringing in acts from around the country. Plus, great blues and roots bookings at various festivals and bars. Here are some highlights: • Bluegrass and beer are the featured attractions at the new Brewgrass Festival in Milford on Sun., June 14. Details. • The…