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Smallpox in Sussex County Image
Way Back Machine

The Year Smallpox Ruined Christmas in Sussex County, Delaware

The people of Sussex County did not have a very merry Christmas in 1919. Their holidays that year were filled instead with fear, distrust, and contention, culminating in a near riot in mid-January at the historic town circle of Georgetown, the county seat. The story begins in early December when reports surfaced that a contagious infection had popped up near Millsboro. At first, everyone thought…
Mermaid at 2nd Time Around Recycled Metal Sculpture in Millsboro (JD)

The Long-Distance Truckers Who Turned Their Front Yard into a Sculpture Garden

    Judging by the looks of things outside of their house in Millsboro, Del., Judy and Lou Hagen don’t like to let anything go to waste. The Hagens’ modest home is just outside of town on Route 24, and chances are, you’ve never seen anything quite like what they’ve done with the yard. Yup, that sure is a giant metal brontosaurus swooping down with teeth…