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Marshland in Somerset County on Maryland's Eastern Shore
Quote of the Day

QUOTE OF THE DAY: Head Over Heels for Somerset County

    Somerset County is celebrating its 350th birthday here in 2016, and that is the sort of occasion that can make grown men get a little emotional and go a little over the top. I would doubt, however, that anyone doing any speechifying nowadays will be able to top the writer Clarence Torrence in the Department of Purple Prose. Here is how Mr. Torrence opens his…
A Duel in Dorchester County, Maryland
Quote of the Day

QUOTE OF THE DAY: A Duel Solution in Dorchester

    “At this period political discussions partook of much personal rancor and vituperation …” Those words are meant as a description of America in the 1820s, though it seems to me that they might just as well have been written about the current political environment. James Stewart … Mr. Stewart’s views at this time on the national issues impressed him that the principles of the Democratic party…
Storm Clouds over the Choptank River Lighthouse on Maryland's Eastern Shore
Road Trips

BUCKET LIST: Take a Lighthouse Cruise

There is a chapter in my book, Eastern Shore Road Trips, that is all about visiting lighthouses on the Eastern Shore and in Southern Delaware. Running from Turkey Point Light up in Elk Neck State Park to Assateague Light down in Chincoteague, that trip really is a road trip, covering beacons that are accessible by land. There are lots of other lighthouses out there, of course,…
Feed Bay Dresses in the Poultry Industry on the Eastern Shore and Delmarva
Quote of the Day

QUOTE OF THE DAY: How “Women’s Work” Launched a Feed Sack Fashions Phenomenon

In its fledgling early years on the Delmarva peninsula, the poultry industry consisted largely of small family farms where folks were trying to raise some chickens on the side. As often as not, the hard work involved in running this side business fell to the woman of the house. This description of that state of affairs is from Delmarva’s Chicken Industry: 75 Years of Progress,…
VJ Day in Easton, on Maryland's Eastern Shore
Quote of the DayWay Back Machine

QUOTE OF THE DAY: VJ Day in Easton, 1945

    The scene on VJ Day in Easton--the night of Aug. 14, 1945--must have been something to behold, judging from this description by the historian Dickson J. Preston in Talbot County: A History. Click on the image to see more Eastern Shore-themed Christmas cards from Secrets of the Eastern Shore! In Easton, as everywhere in America, there was jubilation. People rushed into the streets,…
J.M. Clayton's in the Snow, Eastern Shore of Maryland

Christmas in July

It's hot out there, so why not order Christmas cards? In honor of our heat wave, I have decided to throw in a free gift on any order of 10 or more Christmas cards. The cards cost $4 apiece, but they are only $3 apiece when you get a box of 10 and $2.50 apiece when you get a box of 20. Here they are: Click the image…
Linda Harrison

Berlin, Md. Character of the Day: Linda Harrison

The Sun and Surf Cinema in Ocean City has slated a bit of Way Back Machine fun for the evening of Wednesday, July 27, 2016. They will be screening the classic 1968 version of “The Planet of the Apes,” starring Charlton Heston, Roddy McDowell, Kim Hunter, and Linda Harrison. That last name may not be as familiar to some of you as the first three,…