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Ash Wednesday Storm Aerial Featured Photo
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‘A Seagull’s Eye View of the Devastation:’ The Ash Wednesday Storm in Southern Delaware, 1962

"Delaware's multi-million dollar playground in Sussex County just isn't there anymore." That's how newspaper reporter William Frank summarized the scenes he saw while taking a ride in an Army helicopter to get a "seagull's eye view of the devastation" caused by the hellacious Ash Wednesday storm of March 1962. The Ash Wednesday storm arrived on March 6, 1962. If it were a normal nor'easter it…
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Shootout on Fenwick Island, 1932!

Have you ever seen a movie that started out in spectacular fashion only to falter and end up a bore of a letdown? That’s how I felt after digging around in search of the story behind this headline above a 1932 newspaper story: “$30,000 in Rum Seized After Gun Battle.” The shootout was set on Fenwick Island, Del. The backdrop had the ingredients of an…
October 15, 2022
Fenwick Island Dunes
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Quote of the Day: A Shocking Discovery on the Dunes of Fenwick Island, c. 1900

Ruth Watson Lewis grew up in a family that made a special trip every year to a religious "camp meeting" on the Delaware Beach. The reminiscence that follows about going to the Fenwick Island camp meeting as a young girl comes from the book, Barefoot in Fenwick Island: Life on the Isle in the 19th and 20th Centuries. Be sure to stay tuned to the…