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SITES & STOPS: The Historic Pine Street Corridor in Cambridge, Maryland

    When working on Tubman Travels, my Secrets of the Eastern Shore guide to the sites and stories associated with the Underground Railroad era on the Delmarva Peninsula, I also kept a bunch of notes on other African American stories in Delaware and on the Eastern Shore. Eventually, I put those together into a PDF document that’s available as a free download to everyone…
August 16, 2018
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QUOTE OF THE DAY: ‘The mosquito,’ Dr. Tawes would say, ‘is one of the noblest creatures known to nature.’

The late P.J. Wingate was, appropriately enough, from the little town of Wingate, which stands deep in the mosquito-ridden marshland of south Dorchester County, Maryland. (FYI: The local pronunciation is win-GIT, not win-GATE.) A chemist by trade, Wingate dabbled quite a bit in writing as well. This is from his 1979 book, Bandages of Soft Illusion. It’s full of little essays about his childhood days…
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QUOTE OF THE DAY: Cambridge in 1872–“the most beautiful place on the Peninsula”

    In an article for Scribner’s Monthly magazine, the 19th century writer George Alfred Townsend shared his impressions after a bit of wandering around Maryland's Eastern Shore. The article included the description below of what it was like to come up the Choptank River into Cambridge in 1872, just a few short years after the Civil War. When you come to the part about…
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The Secrets of the Eastern Shore Holiday Pop Up Shop!

    The Secrets of the Eastern Shore Pop Up Shop is back! Located at 412 Race Street in downtown Cambridge, Maryland, it's a seasonal celebration of the stories, scenery, traditions, and artistry of the region. The Pop Up Shop is chock full of fun finds and gift items, many of which you won't find anywhere else. Think breathtaking photos of sweet Shore scenes, one-of-a-kind jewelry…
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Vienna, Md., 1790s: “The People Were Filled with Astonishment and Alarm.”

Set on a gorgeous bend of the Nanticoke River, Vienna is one of the prettiest little towns on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Home to around 300 people nowadays, it dates its history clear back to 1706. There is a lovely stretch of public green space on the waterfront today. As you stroll around there and admire the views, try to imagine this place back in the…
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The Phillips Packing Company Strike of 1937: Black and White Together on the Picket Lines

    The next time you drive through Cambridge, Maryland along Route 50, take a good look behind the Wawa convenience store, toward Dorchester Avenue and the western horizon. The towering pair of old smokestacks there have some faded lettering on them, “PPCO,” for Phillips Packing Company. This year marks the 80th anniversary of a big strike there that made headlines around the country back…
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TUBMAN TRAVELS: The Price of Freedom

    The most popular route from Dorchester County into Delaware along the Underground Railroad ran through Samuel Green’s old stomping grounds of East New Market. Today, Faith Community United Methodist Church is tucked off to the east of the highway there, behind the tracks that give that Railroad Avenue its name. The church dates its history to 1844, when it was known as Colored People’s…
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TUBMAN TALES: Young Harriet Goes Down to the Crossroads

    BIG PICTURE: God Works in Mysterious Ways This is the truism that will likely end up first and foremost in your mind on a visit to the little Bucktown Village Store, which stands at the countryside crossroads of Greenbrier, Bucktown, and Bestpitch Ferry roads in Dorchester County--near the farm where  young Harriet Tubman lived back in the 1830s. Have you heard the legend about the…