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When a Bunch of Birds Lost their Minds and Attacked Hog Island Light in 1900

The scene that unfolded on a February night back in the year 1900 on Hog Island, Va. was straight out of the Alfred Hitchcock horror classic “The Birds.” A flurry of unusual avian activity was in the air along the Atlantic Flyway in those weeks. A long and unseasonable stretch of warm weather had set a whole bunch of birds off on their northward spring…
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Quote of the Day: The Old Woman of Hog Island, 1876

At the end of August in 1876, the magazine Forest and Stream published an article by the writer Hunter Alexander about his visit to Hog Island, Virginia. He met a legendary island character in his travels, and here is what he had to say about Aunt Harriet Doughty: The people of Hog Island number, all told, some seventy souls, all of whom are wreckers and fishermen—a…