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Horseshoe Crab Apocalypse 1920s
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The Horseshoe Crab Apocalypse of the Late 1800s and Early 1900s

The horseshoe crab is one of our region's great natural wonders. Every year in late springtime, nature lovers descend on the beaches of Delaware Bay to see the strange ancient sea creatures waddle up onto the beaches of Delaware Bay in a spectacular spawning ritual. The animals didn't always get that sort of respect from humankind. What you see up top here are horseshoe crab…
Delaware Beach Safari Featured Photo
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ROAD TRIP! Delaware Beach Safari

This is a free excerpt from my book, Eastern Shore Road Trips #1: 27 One-Day Adventures on Delmarva. More info about that and my other books exploring the history, travel, and culture on the Eastern Shore and in Delaware here. There are two kinds of beaches on the Delmarva Peninsula, and they are as different one from the other as big cities are from rural…
August 3, 2022