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The American Theater Was Born in … Pungoteague, Virginia?

This is a free excerpt from my book, You Wouldn't Believe! 44 Strange and Wondrous Delmarva Tales. More info about that and my other books exploring the history, travel, and culture on the Eastern Shore and in Delaware here. Everybody’s a critic. But not everybody’s a critic on the level of Edward Martin. On a summer night in 1665, he ventured out to Fowkes Tavern…
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Dancing Molly! A Trio of Lady Pirates Make a Fool of Virginia’s Governor, 1883

The thrilling race that unfolded in a bayside cove on Virginia’s Eastern Shore of Virginia on the last day of February day in 1883 was a cops-and-robbers affair. The steamboat that barreled into that cove was under the personal command of Virginia's governor. His target was a sailing sloop suspected of nefarious criminal activity. It should have been easy. The sloop’s crew had gone ashore…