You Wouldn’t Believe! 44 Strange and Wondrous Delmarva Tales


BRAND NEW! Experience the storied Delmarva Peninsula in a fresh, fun new way through this collection of strange and wondrous tales from days gone by. Award-winning writer Jim Duffy of Secrets of the Eastern Shore shares 44 true-life tales that run the gamut from adventure to comedy, romance to murder, and more. The tales are full of priceless moments and unforgettable characters. They unfold in small towns, at beach resorts, along back roads, and on the remote islands of the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Virginia, as well as the state of Delaware.

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BRAND NEW FOR 2022! Experience the storied Delmarva Peninsula in a fresh, fun new way through this collection of strange and wondrous tales from days gone by. Jim Duffy has written two collections of Eastern Shore Road Trips as well as Tubman Travels, a collection of Underground Railroad journeys. Join him in You Wouldn’t Believe! as he wanders back in time to find “strange and wondrous” moments from Delmarva days gone by. Some tales will leave you laughing. Others will have you shaking your head in wonder. They’ll all give you a little extra insight into a region that ranks as a one-of-a-kind American treasure. Happy reading!

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Here is the Table of Contents:


  1. Jake the Alligator
  2. Sika Snippets: Shinto Gods, Sexual Prowess, Ray Lewis
  3. An Aerial Assault on Hog Island Light
  4. The Man Who Despised Hog Island
  5. The Foxxy Terrier Who Found Itself
  6. This Crab Can Save Your Life


  1. Is That a Piece of Pittsville in Your Pocket?
  2. Clarissa & Dewlip: A Most Excellent Adventure
  3. The American Theater Was Born in Pungoteague?
  4. A Birth of Freedom in Eastville


  1. Black Gold in Parsonsburg!
  2. The Greatest Trip You’ll Never Take: Cobb Island, 1860s
  3. The Futuro House Aims for the Stratosphere
  4. Riding Life’s Roller Coaster in Franklin City
  5. When Delaware Delivered the “True Spirit of Christmas”


  1. The Greatest Honeymoon in History
  2. Wild Ride on Sharps Island Lighthouse
  3. All Alone at Cherrystone Bar
  4. The Keeper Who Lashed Himself to His Beacon
  5. On the Rocks at Cape Henlopen


  1. Charlestown’s Innocent Stream with a Deadly Name
  2. The Labor Day Riot in Ocean City
  3. The Jailbreak King of Delmarva
  4. The Ship That Brought Shame to Pocomoke
  5. Firebug! Madness in Early Cape Charles
  6. Flirtation to Fury: The Chocolate Candy Murders


  1. The Starving Time on Holland Island. Or Not?
  2. The Great Delmarva Deep Freeze of 1977
  3. The Greatest Day in the History of Chincoteague Gets Swamped


  1. The Waterman Channels a Greek Poet
  2. Cheese in Your Coffee?
  3. Girls Are Bad Luck on New Year’s Day


  1. A ‘Degenerate’ on Bolingbroke Creek
  2. The Adventurer Who Passed Out at Fenwick Island
  3. Fruitland’s Accidental Auctioneer
  4. The Man Who Made Ice Cream Taste Better
  5. The Wild Flight of the Dover Eight
  6. The President Who Shot Ducks (and Marbles) on Hog Island


  1. You Think Getting to the Beach Is a Hassle Nowadays?
  2. Flying Mayonnaise Jars!
  3. Refuge of Scoundrels: Reedy Island
  4. The Year Smallpox Ruined Christmas
  5. Invasion of the ‘Wheelmen,’ 1896
  6. Remnants of Disaster, 1933

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Jim Duffy & Jill Jasuta

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