Shore Fun! The Wanderer’s Guide to Delmarva


Wanderlust much? No worries: The ultimate guide to exploring the Delmarva Peninsula is here!

BRAND NEW! Shore Fun: The Wanderer’s Guide to Delmarva is an idea factory, putting you in touch with hundreds of fun, intriguing things to do and discover on the Eastern Shore and in Delaware. Think more than 125 destinations and more than 150 annual events.

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Unlike my other books, this one is “everything everywhere all at once.” The fun here covers every part of the peninsula, from the beach to the bay and from down in Cape Charles to up in Elkton and New Castle. This book has none of the lengthy essays full of meandering historical anecdotes that are in my other books. It’s laser-focused on what you need to know to find the towns, backroads, attractions, parties, and festivals that fit your interests and mood.

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The reason I put Shore Fun together is simple—it didn’t exist yet. Travel guides to Maryland and Virginia focus on western shore locations–the Eastern Shore gets the short shrift. Meanwhile, guides to Delaware don’t extend onto the Eastern Shore.

That doesn’t fit my experience of the way we wander around this region. We don’t pay attention to state and county borders, for obvious reasons. The Delmarva peninsula is both a singular place and a single place, tied together through culture and history and nature. This book aims to be your all-in-one helper when it comes to discovering the full breadth and depth of diversions Delmarva has to offer.

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The book is divided into two sections. The first connects you with more than 150 annual events, organized by seasons of the year. These range from popular classics—think Ocean City Springfest, the Chincoteague Pony Swim, Chestertown’s Downrigging Weekend, and the Delaware State Fair—to idiosyncratic gems like the Apple Scrapple Festival, the Berlin Bathtub Races, and the Dead on the Vine Grateful Dead tribute night at a Virginia winery.

A few other things you’ll learn in that events section:
• Where to see the world championship of muskrat skinning
• How to get chased down a beach by two people in a cheesy bull costume
• Which little museum has a Cheeto that you really need to see
• How to enlist in a zombie army hellbent on invading a small town

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​​​​​​​The second section of Shore Fun points you to 125 different destinations, organized into five geographic regions. Some of those destinations are one-stop affairs–a fabulous museum here, a breathtaking natural attraction there, and a historical gem around the next bend. Others take the form of itineraries, with multiple suggested stops in small towns like Cape Charles, St. Michaels, Milford, Chestertown, and many others. Even if you already have a destination set, Shore Fun will give you lots of ideas for side trips.

Everything that makes Delmarva special is here—the beach resorts, the gorgeous backroads, those quaint small towns, the rich history, the one-of-a-kind cultural traditions, and more. My goal in Shore Fun is to help all you wanderers make the most of the time you spend roaming around the Eastern Shore and in Delaware.

What’s the weather look like this weekend? Are you feeling the urge to get out and go? Flip through the pages of this book and you’re sure to find a fun adventure.

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Happy wandering, Jim Duffy

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