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Steamboat Emma Giles to Tolchester Featured Photo SIZED
Way Back Machine

HOP ABOARD! What It Was Like Taking the Steamboat Emma Giles to Tolchester

I spent some quality time recently with a wonderful old book by historian David C. Holly, Steamboat on the Chesapeake: Emma Giles and the Tolchester Line. Among the highlights in my reading was this glorious description of what it was like to board that steamboat in Baltimore's Inner Harbor and, bound for a daytrip to the famed-but-long-gong upper Chesapeake Bay resort at Tolchester Beach in…
Month of Fundays Featured Photo
Good Times & Fun EventsMonth of Fundays Newsletter

Month of Fundays! Your Good-Times Guide to April 2024 …

Fun on Delmarva in April 2024! The new issue of my Month of Fundays newsletter is chock full of 100-plus fun events--great concerts, cool parties, new exhibits, outdoors excursions, and more. Here is the link. Among the good times ahead: • The Eastern Shore of Virginia Garden Tour--and a bunch of other spring-flower affairs! • The Chicone Day celebration of Native American culture! • One…
Sunset atBlackwater 2013 Featured Image
Good Times & Fun EventsMiscellany

Coming Attractions: Find Who’s Playing at the Top Music Venues on Delmarva

Every month my Month of Fundays newsletter gives you some tantalizing highlights from the slate concerts in the coming months, but it doesn't list every show in every venue. If it did that, the newsletter would stretch on as long as War and Peace. For those readers who are interested in digging deeper into concert-going options near the town they live in or plan on…
Sunset atBlackwater 2013 Featured Image
The Newsroom

Jim Duffy’s Delmarva Storytelling Show is in Elkton, Md. on Thursday, May 9

Storyteller Jim Duffy of Secrets of the Eastern Shore will share fun and fascinating "Tales of Delmarva" days gone by in a talk sponsored by the Cecil County Library at 6:30pm on Thu., May 9, 2024 at the library's Elkton branch. Duffy is an award-winning writer and author of five books that explore travel, history and culture themes on the Eastern Shore and in Delaware.…