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Chesapeake Oyster Wars Depraved Workforce FEATURED PHOTO
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“Depraved,” “Unscrupulous,” “Vile”–Our Oystermen, 1887

Those headline words all come from a federal government report about the state of the oystering on the Chesapeake Bay in 1887. This was, as many regular readers here will know, the height of the “Oyster Wars” in our region. Just in case you need it: Here is a 200-word refresher of an introduction to those wild times. Fear and greed fueled the Chesapeake Oyster…
Tubman Travels: Harriet's Escape
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“Underground Railroad Journeys” Talk by Jim Duffy in Frankford, Del. on Sat., Feb. 10

Author and storyteller Jim Duffy will share true-life tales of “Underground Railroad Journeys” during a presentation and discussion at the Frankford (Del.) Public Library at 11am on Saturday, Feb. 10, 2024. Duffy is the author of "Tubman Travels: 32 Underground Railroad Journeys on Delmarva" as well as four other books devoted to travel, history, and culture on the Delmarva Peninsula. He is a frequent guest…
Month of Fundays Happy Dog Featured Photo
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Month of Fundays! The January 2024 Newsletter

50 Fun Things to Do on Delmarva in January 2024! The Month of Fundays newsletter is here, and it's chock full of options to get out and go--yes, even in January! Here is the link. • Two big ice festivals • Two stargazing-by-campfire sessions • A "Story Swap" night with local watermen • Mixology night: A winter-cocktail contest • The big "Winter Birding Weekend" •…
2023 Most Popular Stories Classics 2023 FEATURED PHOTO
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Most Popular, 2023: The Classics

First--hey, thanks: Year-over-year website traffic jumped a whopping 55.9 percent in 2023! I have divided my annual list of the year's most viral stories into two categories--the most popular newish stories, written recently and posted for the first time (those stories are here), and the most popular year-in-and-year out classic stories that are always popular on the site. Here goes with the classics: • “Now…