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In 1879, a Baltimore company called A.P. Lloyd worked up a travel guide for boaters and travelers called The Chesapeake Illustrated. Below is what they had to say about one famous old-time destination, Tolchester Beach in Kent County, Maryland. And below that are some photos of how things looked at Tolchester back in the day.

TOLCHESTER BEACH, THE NEAREST and probably the most popular of all the “Up Bay,” or more properly speaking “Across the Bay” resorts, is situated on the Eastern shore, and nearly opposite the mouth of the Patapsco.

It is about 25 miles from Baltimore, and through the summer is reached twice daily by the Steamer Pilot Boy. The principal attraction at Tolchester is the excellent bathing beach. The western winds which prevail in the summer blowing over an expanse of 20 miles of salt water, and excellent perch fishing are Nature’s contributions to Tolchester.

A large new dining-room and restaurant with piazzas 130 feet long, commanding a fine view of the bay, has been erected. Several large pavilions prettily located in woods and on the bluffs, rustic bridges, shooting galleries and ten-pin alleys, and above all, gentlemanly and self-respecting people in charge of all departments, combine to render this trip one of the most delightful leaving Baltimore.

Special conveniences are arranged for ladies and children, while the attractions for the younger generation are all amply provided by the proprietor, Mr. W. C. Eliason. The management is to be congratulated on the select excursion parties that daily visit their attractive retreat.

Here are those photos I promised:

Small Railroad at Tolchester Beach, Maryland

The small railroad at Tolchester Beach


The carousel at Tolchester Beach, Maryland

Riding the carousel at Tolchester Beach in the 1950s


Amusement park at Tolchester Beach, Maryland

The amusement park at Tolchester Beach

The Goat Track at Tolchester Beach, Maryland

“The Goat Track” was a popular attraction at Tolchester

Bathing Beauty Postcard from Tolchester Beach, Maryland

A bathing beauty promotional postcard from Tolchester Beach








The Emma Giles steamship at Tolchester Beach, Maryland

The Emma Giles steamship at the dock in nTolchester Beach, Maryland


Tolchester Beach, Maryland postcard

A postcard giving an overview of Tolchester Beach

–posted by Jim Duffy on Aug. 24, 2018


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