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Here are the 16 most popular Secrets of the Eastern Shore posts of last year, as judged by the number of page views in 2016.

• How a Big Hurricane in 1933 Created the Ocean City We Know Today
• The Day the Eastern Shore Ruled the Super Bowl
• The Great Eastern Shore Deep Freeze in the Winter of 1976-77
Eastern Shore Secrets: Winter of 1977 at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge on Maryland's Eastern Shore• A ‘Monument to Man’s Stupidity’ on Hooper’s Island
• What Might Have Been: Chesapeake Bay Bridge Plans That Never Panned Out
• St. Michaels Character of the Day: The Crazy Life of James Michener, Millionaire & Cheapskate
• How This Amazing Old House in Chincoteague Beat the Odds and Came Back to Life
Murder in Chincoteague: The Sensational Crime of a Lovesick Man Who Lost His Grip
• Harriet Tubman’s Famed Christmas Escape
• The Day They Bombed Holland Island Light
• The Ghost Ships of Kiptopeke
• How a Construction Mishap Back in 1909 Helped Create Modern-Day Salisbury
The Ghost Ships of Kiptopeke (JJP)• Quote of the Day: The Old Woman of Hog Island, 1876
• Chestertown: The Colonial King of the Eastern Shore
• The “Socialite” Whose Art Celebrates the Life of Eastern Shore African Americans Back in the Day
• How Elkton Became the King of Quickie Weddings
• Quote of the Day: The Terrible Scourge That Halted Work on the Cape Charles Lighthouse, 1895

• Posted on Jan. 5, 2017. All posts written by Jim Duffy. Copyright 2016, Secrets of the Eastern Shore. All rights reserved.


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