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Fun Things to Do on Delmarva in March 2024–St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, and lots more!

The Month of Fundays newsletter is here, and it’s chock full of options to help you put a little spring in your step!

Here is the link.

Among the good times ahead:

• The Eagle Festival at Blackwater NWR!
• St. Patrick’s fun–parades, hooleys, shamrock hunt, and more!
• Two bluegrass extravaganzas!
• Oysters fests, seafood bash, grilled cheese cocktail pairings!
• Easter weekend fun!
• An old-time muskrat supper!
• A Chocolate Stroll through St. Michaels!
• Tibetan monks doing Tibetan monk things!
• Brand new stories about the legendary and horrific storm of ’62!

Plus, more stories and pics from Delmarva days gone by!

Here is the link again!

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