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50 Fun Things to Do on Delmarva in January 2024!

The Month of Fundays newsletter is here, and it’s chock full of options to get out and go–yes, even in January!

Here is the link.

• Two big ice festivals
• Two stargazing-by-campfire sessions
• A “Story Swap” night with local watermen
• Mixology night: A winter-cocktail contest
• The big “Winter Birding Weekend”
• Martin Luther King tributes
• A swing dance party (lessons included)–and lots more music and comedy!

Plus, stories galore–about lighthouses and shipwrecks and “The Man Who Didn’t Want to Go to Heaven”–what’s up with that? And the most popular website stories of 2023.

Oh, and 20 fun events coming up in 2024!

The link again–it’s here.

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