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Fun on Delmarva in April 2024! The new issue of my Month of Fundays newsletter is chock full of 100-plus fun events–great concerts, cool parties, new exhibits, outdoors excursions, and more.

Here is the link.

Among the good times ahead:

• The Eastern Shore of Virginia Garden Tour–and a bunch of other spring-flower affairs!
• The Chicone Day celebration of Native American culture!
• One of the year’s biggest sea glass events!
• A concrete-lock of an anniversary down at Kiptopeke!
• Mermaids, wooden ducks, and a Broadway show in Ocean City!
• Um, a lecture about “Wrestling in Caroline County”? (Hey, I plan on going!)
• Music, theater, history, so much more.

Plus, more stories and pics from Delmarva days gone by!

Here is the link again!

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