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We Have a Blind Irishman to Thank for Our “Chesapeake” Lighthouses

The Chesapeake lighthouse, with its splayed legs supporting a homey cottage set atop a platform rising from the sea, ranks today as a defining icon for the region. I set out recently to learn more about how those beacons came to be and soon found my way to a tale two centuries and 3,000 miles away. Spoiler alert #1: The hero of the story is…
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The People’s Choice: The Top 10 Secrets Stories of 2019

Envelope, please! Judging by my website statistics, here are the stories that the 100,000 or so folks who visited the Secrets of the Eastern Shore website liked best during 2019 ... • Chincoteague Character of the Day: Thomas Downing, the Oyster King of NYC • How a Big Hurricane on Aug. 22, 1933 Created the Ocean City We Know Today • Love Point on Kent…