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What Readers Are Saying About “Eastern Shore Road Trips: 27 One-Day Adventures on Delmarva”


Eastern Shore Road Trips: 27 One-Day Adventures on DelmarvaThe response to the first Secrets of the Eastern Shore guidebook has been really overwhelming for this first-time book author! Here are just a few samples of comments & reviews I’ve collected along the way.

CL Marshall on Facebook:

“My parents picked up this book at The Book Bin. They love it! Since then they’ve put a lot of miles on the truck! They’ve been down every neck in Somerset County doing lord knows what … and have just begun jotting into Delaware.”

Kathryn Pearson on Facebook:

“Keep on writing–anxiously awaiting Road Trips Book #2! And I love your wife’s photography! You two are truly gifted.”

Paul Heubner on Facebook:

“It’s a good book. Feels like you’re traveling the Eastern Shore. It’s so good you don’t even have to go anywhere. It’s like I have my own virtual reality.”

Robin Waker on Amazon:

“If you love the Delmarva Peninsula as much as I do, order this book right this minute. Whether a life-long native, “come here” or visitor, there is something to love inside these pages for everyone. Every page offers a great adventure. I’ve been fortunate to live on Delmarva most of my life and I now have a list of things to do immediately, if not sooner as well as a far greater knowledge of my own back yard.”

“Scapegoat” on Amazon:

“I love this book! My grandparents came from Cambridge and Hooper’s Island and I can hear the flavor of their lives in this book.”

Becky Read on Facebook:

“I bought this book at small business day in Cambridge, and I read about a third of it this weekend. Chock full of tidbits and places to visit I didn’t know about! Great find!”

Michael McGrath on Facebook:

“Jim Duffy, your wonderful book is getting this Eastern Shore native to parts of my homeland, that I’ve never explored. ❤” (Michael’s review came complete with the picture here of the book on Tallulah Bankhead’s gravestone.)

Karl Ratz on Facebook:

“I bought your book after seeing the ads on Facebook. We love it. Not only are we now planning several day trips, but your historic ad ons are fascinating. Thank you!”

Marion Thomas on Facebook:

“My paternal family are from Cambridge. Spent many fun days there, had to cross Chesapeake Bay on the ferry which was something we loved. I read this book and was amazed at all the interesting places I never knew about.”

W. Wickstrum on Amazon:

“My husband and I moved to Delaware in June. Soon afterwards we received our Eastern Shore Road Trips book. It has been a delight to read with wonderful information about the surrounding towns to visit. Let the travels continue!”

Frank W. Frohn on Facebook:

“I picked this book up a couple of days ago, and read the first four trips. It is incredibly interesting and well written. The author provides even more info to research at the end of each trip.”

Joanne Shelby on Amazon:

“As a non-resident of the Eastern Shore, this book has inspired me to come over for more adventures. It is well written, easy to understand, and has a touch of humor. I am already planning my next trip.”

Here is the main page for the book, where you find purchase options in local/regional stores and on Amazon. Thanks for your interest.

–published by Jim Duffy on Feb. 21, 2017



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