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In the photo up top here I am quite literally sittin’ on the dock of the bay, watchin’ the tide roll away. That glorious moment came on a sun-kissed spring day in April 2024. The night before, my wife and I had seen a fabulous touring Broadway show at the Performing Arts Center in Ocean City. We strolled the boardwalk the next morning, then headed up through Fenwick Island to while away some time in the Assawoman Wildlife Area, finding this perch at Strawberry Landing.

Assawoman is one of 125+ fun and beautiful Delmarva destinations that get snapshot descriptions in my book, Shore Fun: The Wanderer’s Guide to Delmarva. That book also has snapshots of 125-plus annual events, organized by season. It’s a treasure trove for wandering souls–and you can find info about ordering it online or buying it in stores here.

Here is the book’s description of Assawoman:

Some people thrive on beach-resort crowds; others want to escape them. If you’re with me in the latter category, make your way to the Assawoman Wildlife Area, which covers 3,000 acres on Little Assawoman Bay and serves up quiet scenes of pine woods, marshland beauty, and waterfront vistas. At times you’ll see the Ocean City high-rises, but it’ll still feel like you’re a world away. A driving-tour brochure should be available near the park entrance. Be sure to stop and climb the observation tower overlooking Mulberry Pond. If you’re in paddling mode, look up the Sassafras Landing Water Trail.

The obvious question about the strange, giggle-inducing name of the two inland bays here—one “Big” and one “Little”—remains a bit of a mystery. You will find some talk on the internet about how Assawoman refers to female members of an Indian tribe, but most folks with expertise in Native American matters eem to think that we simply don’t know what this word meant to folks who spoke the old Algonquian languages.

You can find tourism info about Assawoman at Southern Delaware Tourism.

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