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This is an excerpt from the coming-soon book, 181 Great Events on Delmarva, which includes more than 100 suggested side trips that are located nearby one of the featured events.

The backroads of Kent County of Maryland’s Upper Eastern Shore always make for scenic wandering. A little way east of the historic beach-resort town of Betterton is 147-acre Turner’s Creek Park and postcard-pretty Turner’s Creek Landing. You can hike wooded trails there and wander the grounds of the Kent Farm Museum, where you will be able to admire antique farm equipment, wander an old country graveyard, and see several sweet old buildings that stand as remnants of the past. Lots of those things are outside and visible anytime. The interior of the museum is only open a couple of times a month–you’ll have to check on those hours at the link.

Here is more information.

The event in the book that this side trip is linked to is Betterton Day, a civic celebration of a nearby town that ranked as a top-notch beach resort back in the days of steamboats.

–posted by Jim Duffy on June 1, 2020 for Secrets of the Eastern Shore/Whimbrel Creations LLC. All rights reserved.

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