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It’s hot out there, so why not order Christmas cards? In honor of our heat wave, I have decided to throw in a free gift on any order of 10 or more Christmas cards. The cards cost $4 apiece, but they are only $3 apiece when you get a box of 10 and $2.50 apiece when you get a box of 20.

Here they are: Click the image you like to go the product page. And stay cool, everyone!

J.M. Clayton's in the Snow, Eastern Shore of Maryland










Umbrella in the Snow on Eastern Shore Backroad

Bushel of Good Cheer

Oak Grove Church Original

Charcoal and Santa on the Eastern Shore of Maryland


Muskrats in Winter Greeting Card from the Valentines Collection at Secrets of the Eastern Shore

Crab Basket Christmas Tree on the Eastern Shore



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