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There is a chapter in my book, Eastern Shore Road Trips, that is all about visiting lighthouses on the Eastern Shore and in Southern Delaware. Running from Turkey Point Light up in Elk Neck State Park to Assateague Light down in Chincoteague, that trip really is a road trip, covering beacons that are accessible by land.

Shore Classics Greeting Cards by Secrets of the Eastern Shore: ThrashersThere are lots of other lighthouses out there, of course, and in doing my research I came across these lighthouse cruises that will take you or your group out to see beacons out on the water. I hope to sign on for a couple of these someday soon and perhaps have a lighthouse-by-water chapter in my second book of Road Trips.

• Sawyer Charters, based on Hooper’s Island, offers occasional lighthouse-themed tours.

Chesapeake Lights, based on Tilghman Island, offers a variety of lighthouse-themed tours, including a two-day affair with sighting of 13 different beacons in the lower part of the Bay.

The Delaware River & Bay Lighthouse Foundation runs occasional sunset cruises built around stops at historic lighthouses.

The Cape May Lewes Ferry passes by three lighthouses on its regular route.

• On the Eastern Shore of Virginia, Broadwater Bay Ecotours can tailor trips around lighthouses and other themes.

Drinking in the Moonshine at the Choptank River LighthouseHave you been on a lighthouse cruise that’s not listed here? Please feel free to share information and recommendations about that in the comments below. I will be updating this list as I learn about more options.

–research and writing by Jim Duffy

NOTE: The photo up top here by Jill Jasuta Photography is from a recent exhibit called “Lighthouse Views” at the Dorchester Center for the Arts. There is a great sampling of Jill’s shots from the show here.

And no worries: The works at the link are still available as prints and greeting cards.

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