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When I launched the Secrets of the Eastern Shore website in spring of 2015, it was with fingers crossed and uncertain expectations. I never in a gazillion years imaged that more than 100,000 people would visit before the year was out. Here are the half dozen stories that drew the biggest and most viral audiences along the way–the Most Popular Eastern Shore Secrets of 2015, if you will …

Thanks to one and all for visiting. Here’s to each and every one of us finding our way to lots more great Eastern Shore and Southern Delaware stories in 2016!

1.) The Storm That Changed Everything

How a Big Hurricane on Aug. 22, 1933 Created the Ocean City We Know Today


2. The Deep Freeze

The Great Eastern Shore Deep Freeze in the Winter of 1976-77


3.) Misty & Stormy

The True Tale of Misty, Stormy, and maybe the worst nor’easter of them all


4.) The Best Laid Plans


5.) This Old Gas Station

The English Cottage Gas Station that Has a Story to Tell in Cape Charles


6.) Wait, what is THAT?

The Ghost Ships of Kiptopeke

— Jim Duffy


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