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First–hey, thanks: Year-over-year website traffic jumped a whopping 55.9 percent in 2023!

I have divided my annual list of the year’s most viral stories into two categories–the most popular newish stories, written recently and posted for the first time (those stories are here), and the most popular year-in-and-year out classic stories that are always popular on the site.

Here goes with the classics:

“Now I’m Almost Home!” The Death and Funeral of Harriet Tubman, 1913

How a Big Hurricane on Aug. 22, 1933 Created the Ocean City We Know Today

The Great Eastern Shore Deep Freeze of 1976-77

Character of the Day: The Delaware Housewife Who Invented the Modern Chicken Industry

The Day the Eastern Shore Ruled the Super Bowl

Six Bridges Over Troubled Water: A Dreadful Day in Chincoteague, 1922

The True Tale of Misty, Stormy, and Maybe the Worst Nor’easter of Them All

Fall of an ‘Ancient Warrior:’ The Cape Henlopen Lighthouse Collapses, 1926

The Story Behind the Magical Old Carousel of Ocean City

The Ghost Ships of Kiptopeke

–posted by Jim Duffy for Whimbrel Creations LLC/Secrets of the Eastern Shore on Dec. 27, 2023. All rights reserved on the stories.

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