Project Description

Photographer Jill Jasuta got down on her belly to capture this scene shortly after sunrise one summer day. Check out more of Jill’s sweet scenes here. Find more of Jill’s work available at the Shore Store.

If you love riding the backroads, you will definitely want to find your way to Elliott’s Island. Located in Dorchester County, it’s a 1.5-mile spit of high land nestled between Fishing Bay and the Nanticoke River. Here’s a map of the area.

The island lies 18 miles from the nearest town—and that town is Vienna, with a total population of 271. Despite its remote location, the island has nonetheless been populated for many centuries. Captain John Smith himself wrote about the local Indians.

The drive down is breathtaking, the landscape altering between vast marshlands, loblolly forests, and farmland vistas. Keep your eyes peeled for bald eagles, heron, egrets, marsh hawks, and osprey.

There used to be several general stores on the island, but they’re all gone now.
Just a few dozen people still make their homes here, and the life of the community revolves around the fire company and the Methodist church.

So don’t take this drive expecting to find a gas station, a store, or anything else in the way of modern conveniences. All you’ll find on the way to and from Elliotts Island are special scenes like the one that Jill captures here.