I’m Jim Duffy, and I love living on the Eastern Shore. The woman on the left here is my wife, Jill Jasuta. She’s a first-rate photographer and designer. I’m a magazine writer by trade—my work has been in a slew of travel & lifestyle magazines, and a bunch of of health care publications, too.

Eastern Shore Road Trips Book CoverSomewhere along the line we got the idea that maybe we could help other people see and experience just how special a place the Delmarva Peninsula is. So here we are–welcome!

Secrets of the Eastern Shore is all about celebrating this special place. We do that in a mix of words, pictures and products.

• We are putting together a series of Secrets of the Eastern Shore Guidebooks to help you explore the Delmarva Peninsula. You can learn more about the first entry in that series here.
• We make fun greeting cards featuring sweet Delmarva scenes and built around special Eastern Shore themes. You can see those here.
Crab EKG Red on Black• Jill’s photos are available as prints, matted prints, metal prints, and framed prints. You can see those here.
• We’ve also been busy making other fun, one-of-a-kind products. Have you seen our “Crab EKG” sticker on other cars? You can get one of your own here.

As you will see, there is lots of free content here. And there is lots more fun stuff on our Facebook page. Please feel free to hang out here as long as you like. And remember to come back soon—we are switching content and products in and out all the time.

Last but not least: We would love to get your feedback and criticism. Comments are welcome on every post we do here. You can also send me an email at SecretsoftheEasternShore@gmail.com.

Thanks for stopping by! Happy travels to you and yours!